Unicycle Caving…

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This weekend (after travelling to Cardiff to film with the European Youth Parliament), we decided to hang around and take our cameras into some of South Wales’ finest cave systems. Our friends took their unicycles. What ensued was the epic birth of the worlds newest extreme sport. Some call it Cave Unicycling, others Uni-caving, most call it madness, many said it couldn’t be done. But it was done. And it was amazing.

After lugging two unicycles, several cameras, lighting equipment and tripods through two hours of tight squeezes, we arrived in a wide tunnel with a distinctly dubious riding surface. Undeterred our guides, Steffan Thomas and Tom Lupton, hopped on their single-wheeled steeds while the Garretts filmed in awe. They have both been unicycling for many years and it shows – they can hop their way over boulders, glide down impossibly steep slopes and bust a few filthy moves at the drop of a hat.

The pair are both experienced cavers and the conservation of the caves’ delicate ecosystem are always at the forefront of their minds, as is safety. Which is nice, because there were a few moments when the immense weight of hundreds of boulders precariously balanced over your head starts to get to you a little bit. We won’t lie, it was exhausting work but very much worth it, and we are grateful to them both for such an immense experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the video which will ensue, as hilarity did deep in the bowels of the Earth.

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