Rolling Frames

By michael / On

Together with choreographer Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and poet Ella Chappell, Katie produced an experimental Dance-Poetry-Film. The produce was extremely well received, winning the Southbank Centre’s Film Poetry competition as well as the Experimental category at the Croydon International Film Festival.


Choreography : Anna-Lise Marie Hearn
Videography : Katie Garrett
Poet : Ella Jane Chappell

Dancers : Laura Boulter, KJ Clarke-Davis, Lydia Costello, Jennifer Jones, Nathalia Lillehagen, Eleanor Mackinder
Voices : Katie Garrett & Nicholas Herrmann

Rolling Frames is an intimate and personal look into the scenarios of three very different relationships that are affected and manipulated by dependency.

At the heart of Rolling Frames are a series of shifting voices and characters that inhabit three very different relationships. These relationships are linked by the role that dependency plays in each. To some extent, every relationship involves a yielding of independence. The poem dissects this manner of yielding: the manifestation of greed in desire, the vulnerability in love, the loneliness in lust.

The physicality and inner rhythms of the words are translated once over by the expressive movements of dance, and once again through the gaze of the camera’s eyes.

Anna-Lise Marie Dance