The Garretts most recent videographic venture involves glass, intense heat and the beautiful North Norfolk countryside.

We’ve spent the last few days with Fiona Wilkes and Max Lamb at the picturesque SALT Glass Studios, where they combine their talents of printmaking and hot and cold glass work to produce beautiful and unique pieces.

Filming at the studio has been a huge amount of fun for us; the reflective nature of the finished pieces as well as the glass’ consistency when heated have provided us with some amazing photographic opportunities. They also very kindly allowed us to partake in some glass blowing ourselves, as they run classes for complete beginners at the studio. Although an extremely challenging art (trying to pick up molten glass on the end of a huge pole while the furnace feels like it’s causing serious burns to your hand is just the beginning), it is an amazing material to work with and it’s possible to create very satisfying objects even in your first lesson. Mike is very proud of his three slightly wonky glasses.

[wpcol_1fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]me filming shells[/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_1fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]Vase in fire[/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_1fifth id=”” class=”” s”]glasses square[/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_1fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]Me through green[/wpcol_1fifth] [wpcol_1fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Mike blowing[/wpcol_1fifth_end]

We would like to thank Max and Fiona for their amazing hospitality and company.

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