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Garrett and Garrett is a partnership video and film production business owned by Katie and Michael Garrett. Our videos combine stylish, cutting edge shots with informative, concise content to build an attractive image of what an organisation is about. 

We are a small and flexible team which has many benefits in this creative field, both of us being intimately involved in every part of production; from the conceptual and research stages, through to filming, editing and post production. This level of involvement with all aspects of the project means that we are able to fully immerse ourselves in every facet of the storytelling, bringing a continuity to the project from beginning to end.



At Garrett and Garrett we treat every video as a blank slate. We understand that for our clients, the most important thing is to accurately represent the atmosphere of their organisation or event, and why it is unique and exciting. This is why we work closely with our clients to produce videos as unique as they are, that really capture the atmosphere they care so much about.

Slow mo camera

Our own equipment consists of a Sony FS700, several digital SLRs with a range of lenses from the very wide angle to macro, telephoto and tilt-shift; shotgun and roving microphones and field recorders. As well as the associated tripods and shoulder mounts we also have a camera crane and slider to create smooth movement within our videos.

We both have a background in fine art and so the aesthetic quality of our videos is paramount. We pride ourselves in carefully thought out composition for each and every shot and are always exploring new editing techniques. We are both proficient in the animation of graphics and text and like to integrate graphics with live action video in innovative ways.


We have been involved in several personal creative projects which have been screened at festivals around the world and granted us several awards. Here are three of them:

Cave uni laurels

Rolling Frames Poster

HELD Film Festival

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On Saturday we were honoured to receive our second runner up prize in our second ever film festival! The Hollow Earth London festival showed 26 short documentaries and experimental films and awarded one of the prizes to our little documentary “Cave Unicycling”. Kate was able to go along to the festival with some friends and watch the other fascinating and thought provoking films. It was a really fun (and free) afternoon and we can’t wait for next year!

HELD narrow

Null World

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A few months ago Ella Jane Chappell, a young poet from Manchester, approached us asking if we wanted to collaborate on an entry for the FilmPoem Festival. We were really excited to work with her in making a visual interpretation of her fantastic poem Null World. It was quite a new challenge for us, working only with words and abstract concepts, but was a great opportunity to explore new ideas in cinematography and editing techniques.

We were really honoured when our film was accepted into the festival and awarded second prize in the newcomers category.

For more poems by Ella, visit keepitsugarless



One from the archives

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In moving to London and getting a new computer, with all the associated file shuffling, we stumbled across the first video Kate ever produced. A few years back, having tentatively decided to embark on our documentary, we bought a camera and spent the summer learning how to film. Kate went to Kos for a week with some friends and here is the video that came out of the trip. Watch out it’s more than a little cheesy.

For Cathy and Shell:

One of These Kidz

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As you may know we recently filmed our debut music video. The single is being released tomorrow and the video is available to watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TzdyeYbpQ0

We had such a great time with the band we thought we’d show you a little bit of what it was like behind the scenes and some of the nice little bits that didn’t make it into the final video:

Phil’s Stag

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In recent times it seems that a swathe of friends have waved goodbye to the hilarity of carefree youth and accepted the inevitable responsibility of marriage and family. The transition is, perhaps fittingly, filled with irresponsibility and comes in the form of a stag do. I didn’t take the camera on the more outlandish moments of the weekend so what you see here is a family-friendly account of Phil’s Stag do. If you know him it might interest you to have a look.

All the best buddy x


A Music Video

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We’ve just spent an awesome weekend in West Sussex making our first music video for a great new band called the Flying Peaches.

Highlights included:

Hiring a super slow motion camera – and the ensuing shots of small children busting dance moves and teenagers chucking water in each other’s faces (we had to cut the merriment short before someone got hurt as it was fast turning into a weird version of jackass with added animal onesies).

The amazing weather – we were filming some of the video on Climping Beach and had incredible luck with the weather. The band’s bright costumes looked brilliant in the  sunshine, which made up for the slightly disturbing nudists that we think were watching us for most of the shoot…

The hospitality – we were staying with the lead singers’ family who not only put us up in their camper van, but also kept us, the band and all the extras, plied with sandwiches, jacket potatoes, pizza, pasta, coke, cake, you name it, it was delicious.

The band’s enthusiasm and general talent – we were really impressed with everyone’s performance and the way they kept bringing their A game even after the 50th take, with no moaning whatsoever, they were so professional for such a young band.

Our assistant Melissa – Lissa is studying Film and TV at Southampton Uni and came along with us to help out and gain some experience. She got some brilliant shots for us, added an extra pair of hands just when needed and took some great photos of us on set.

So thanks to everyone who made this weekend such a success and such a great learning experience for us… That’s the ticket you guys!






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With over a thousand views in its first 3 days this video is about as viral as it gets for Garrett and Garrett. The Unicycle Caving documentary is being shown this weekend at the British Unicycling Convention and we even got a “like” from the European Speleological Society. All in all its been a good week.

We couldn’t’ have done it without the musical input of Becky Wilkie and Angus Kemp – thanks guys!

We also made a trailer, or is it out-takes? Anyway, it includes some extra footage we wanted to use in the full version but couldn’t. And a chicken.


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The Garretts most recent videographic venture involves glass, intense heat and the beautiful North Norfolk countryside.

We’ve spent the last few days with Fiona Wilkes and Max Lamb at the picturesque SALT Glass Studios, where they combine their talents of printmaking and hot and cold glass work to produce beautiful and unique pieces.

Filming at the studio has been a huge amount of fun for us; the reflective nature of the finished pieces as well as the glass’ consistency when heated have provided us with some amazing photographic opportunities. They also very kindly allowed us to partake in some glass blowing ourselves, as they run classes for complete beginners at the studio. Although an extremely challenging art (trying to pick up molten glass on the end of a huge pole while the furnace feels like it’s causing serious burns to your hand is just the beginning), it is an amazing material to work with and it’s possible to create very satisfying objects even in your first lesson. Mike is very proud of his three slightly wonky glasses.

me filming shells
Vase in fire
glasses square
Me through green
Mike blowing

We would like to thank Max and Fiona for their amazing hospitality and company.

Unicycle Caving…

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This weekend (after travelling to Cardiff to film with the European Youth Parliament), we decided to hang around and take our cameras into some of South Wales’ finest cave systems. Our friends took their unicycles. What ensued was the epic birth of the worlds newest extreme sport. Some call it Cave Unicycling, others Uni-caving, most call it madness, many said it couldn’t be done. But it was done. And it was amazing.

After lugging two unicycles, several cameras, lighting equipment and tripods through two hours of tight squeezes, we arrived in a wide tunnel with a distinctly dubious riding surface. Undeterred our guides, Steffan Thomas and Tom Lupton, hopped on their single-wheeled steeds while the Garretts filmed in awe. They have both been unicycling for many years and it shows – they can hop their way over boulders, glide down impossibly steep slopes and bust a few filthy moves at the drop of a hat.

The pair are both experienced cavers and the conservation of the caves’ delicate ecosystem are always at the forefront of their minds, as is safety. Which is nice, because there were a few moments when the immense weight of hundreds of boulders precariously balanced over your head starts to get to you a little bit. We won’t lie, it was exhausting work but very much worth it, and we are grateful to them both for such an immense experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the video which will ensue, as hilarity did deep in the bowels of the Earth.