Garrett and Garrett is a partnership video and film production business owned by Katie and Michael Garrett. Our videos combine stylish, cutting edge shots with informative, concise content to build an attractive image of what an organisation is about.

We are a small and flexible team which has many benefits in this creative field, both of us being intimately involved in every part of production; from the conceptual and research stages, through to filming, editing and post production. This level of involvement with all aspects of the project means that we are able to fully immerse ourselves in every facet of the storytelling, bringing a continuity to the project from beginning to end.



At Garrett and Garrett we treat every video as a blank slate. We understand that for our clients, the most important thing is to accurately represent the atmosphere of their organisation or event, and why it is unique and exciting. This is why we work closely with our clients to produce videos as unique as they are, that really capture the atmosphere they care so much about.

Slow mo camera

Our own equipment consists of a Sony FS700, several digital SLRs with a range of lenses from the very wide angle to macro, telephoto and tilt-shift; shotgun and roving microphones and field recorders. As well as the associated tripods and shoulder mounts we also have a camera crane and slider to create smooth movement within our videos.

We both have a background in fine art and so the aesthetic quality of our videos is paramount. We pride ourselves in carefully thought out composition for each and every shot and are always exploring new editing techniques. We are both proficient in the animation of graphics and text and like to integrate graphics with live action video in innovative ways.


We have been involved in several personal creative projects which have been screened at festivals around the world and granted us several awards. Here are three of them:

Cave uni laurels

Rolling Frames Poster