A Music Video

We’ve just spent an awesome weekend in West Sussex making our first music video for a great new band called the Flying Peaches.

Highlights included:

Hiring a super slow motion camera – and the ensuing shots of small children busting dance moves and teenagers chucking water in each other’s faces (we had to cut the merriment short before someone got hurt as it was fast turning into a weird version of jackass with added animal onesies).

The amazing weather – we were filming some of the video on Climping Beach and had incredible luck with the weather. The band’s bright costumes looked brilliant in the ¬†sunshine, which made up for the slightly disturbing nudists that we think were watching us for most of the shoot…

The hospitality – we were staying with the lead singers’ family who not only put us up in their camper van, but also kept us, the band and all the extras, plied with sandwiches, jacket potatoes, pizza, pasta, coke, cake, you name it, it was delicious.

The band’s enthusiasm and general talent – we were really impressed with everyone’s performance and the way they kept bringing their A game even after the 50th take, with no moaning whatsoever, they were so professional for such a young band.

Our assistant Melissa – Lissa is studying Film and TV at Southampton Uni and came along with us to help out and gain some experience. She got some brilliant shots for us, added an extra pair of hands just when needed and took some great photos of us on set.

So thanks to everyone who made this weekend such a success and such a great learning experience for us… That’s the ticket you guys!

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